Tai chi

Tai Chi is a martial art, movement meditation, and exercise for health from China. The practice of these beautiful slow, fluid, and continuous motions potentially develops a deeper awareness of self, a strengthening and relaxation of the body, smooth flow of qi (energy), and a sense of harmony and connection to Nature.

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I have been practicing Tai Chi for forty years. I have had the fortune of studying with many wonderful teachers and am deeply appreciative of Master Yan Yuanhua, with whom I currently study Wu style Tai Chi. He lives in L.A. and comes to Tucson once a year. His next seminar will be in the Fall of 2019. Contact me for registration details. 520-888-4780.

I teach on-going Wu style tai chi classes on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 at the Movement Culture in Tucson. The class focuses on learning the form and includes the disciplines of qi gong and push hands practice. My perspective as a musician and dancer, offers a creative, playful approach to teaching many learning styles. DROP INS WELCOME. $10 per class or $36 for four classes.