Bodywork Sessions

In my 26 years of bodywork practice (certified in craniosacral therapy and shiatsu), I have become profoundly in awe at the body’s natural healing capabilities. My role as a practitioner is to invite these healing resources, that reside within each of my clients, into focus and alignment.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle bodywork modality that focuses on the healthy flow of cerebral spinal fluid in and around our brain and spinal cord, but more importantly, addresses ALL of the fluid systems of the body AND consciousness as a WHOLE. There is new evidence that supports the understanding that a function of cerebral spinal fluid is elimination of waste, or cleansing of the brain. Craniosacral therapy also promotes vascular flow in and out of the cranium and encourages a deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system. The practitioner “listens” to the slow rhythms of the body that are expressed in the “fluid body” – a continuum of body intelligence that includes all of the fluids of the body- including the cerebral spinal fluid, blood, lymph, and all the inter-cellular fluids. This form of “listening” encourages naturally occurring phenomena called “stillpoints” to sometimes arise in a session. These stillpoints are a pause in the expression of the rhythm of the craniosacral system where the nervous system gets a deep rest and can align with the inherent healing resources within our body/mind. These moments of stillness may be experienced as a “rebooting” of the system that brings clarity and rejuvenation. All systems are nourished and immune responses supported.

Craniosacral Therapy originates from the western medicine holistic practice of Osteopathy. It is a deeply relaxing, gentle, and powerful modality that brings balance and harmony to the whole person. The practitioner listens to and supports the inherent fluid intelligence that is expressed in the subtle rhythms and stillnesses within the client's body, while resourcing a greater stillness within and from Nature. This practice encourages a reorganizing or releasing of constrictive patterns in the tissues and emotional body, inviting the Health that is always trying to happen in us all. This work has the potential of addressing very old patterns as we can sometimes enter the realms of non-dual reality, releasing attachments to fixed ideas and habits. As this work supports the whole system and the whole person, the possibilities are endless for what conditions can be addressed.

I have come to view this work as a type of training for the client’s body/mind. As receivers of craniosacral therapy, we experience these deep states of relaxation and stillness in sessions. Over time, we recognize when we are out of sync with this state of Health, and begin to develop the ability to slow ourselves down and access this state on our own. This is why I encourage my clients to try “brain floating”, a practice that invites a fluid state of relaxation similar to what can be accessed in a craniosacral session. See my blog page for explanation.

Craniosacral Work for BABIES!!!!

This work is suitable for all ages. It is a beautiful gift to babies to welcome them into the world as we offer an understanding gentle touch that allows them to process and release the stress and trauma of birth. It can be helpful with issues of nursing, colic, sleep. etc.



In my practice, I have witnessed positive change in people wanting to change the debilitating experience of having a pattern of Migraine headaches. To look for the best possible outcome, a commitment to regular treatments over a period of at least six months is advisable. Call for a free consultation to discuss a program plan.

Muscular-skeletal issues, auto accident injuries, neurological conditions, Migraine headaches, back pain, trauma, stress, anxiety, immune system disorders, chronic and acute pain, eating disorders, confusion, disorientation, vertigo, TMJ dysfunction, brain injuries, need for integration of emotional/spiritual work and reclaiming balance and well-being.

Sessions are held in my quiet office in my home. Call 520-888-4780 for appointments. 

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”It feels like I’m in the womb of the world. I think this is what heaven is.” —Michelle Meixner

”After being diagnosed with ‘essential tremor’ I was led to Heidi and her gentle work. In just a few sessions, the tremors have become a minor issue and no longer interfere in my day-to-day life. I have a more integrated sense of my body and spirit from Heidi’s empathic work.” —Alison Tibbals

”It’s great to come here and dissolve!”—Tracey Moore

”You know how you are just lying there and you think nothing is happening, then, BOOM, like, all your sh#t falls into place!”— Moe - An 18 year old friend of my daughter’s who came for a session after an auto accident

”Your grounded centered presence is a joy and a gift!” — Cantrell

”I began Craniosacral Therapy with Heidi in 2005 because I was suffering from migraine headaches (about 2-3 headaches a week). The treatments were very successful; now I rarely have headaches. I have continued my craniosacral therapy with Heidi over the years, getting treatments once every three weeks for what I call my “tune-up”: regular therapy sessions that help me to maintain both a physical and emotional balance...” Jane- a high school teacher